How good is your English?, reading?, listening?, writing?, speaking?

Benchmark Yourself
How do you rate against your peers? Take the free test and know where you stand.
Analyse Your Strengths
Analyse your
Assess your strength against 189 specific skills in language use, grammar, vocabulary, and much more.
Practice and Improve
Practice and
Targeted practice based on your strengths and weakness to improve your communication skills and STEP score.
Get an official STEP certification and score report. Share this with future employers to prove your qualifications.
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(with Speech)
  • Six 30 minute diagnostic cycle tests
  • Reading, listening, writing and speaking
  • Provide accurate STEP level in all 4 areas
  • Detailed report of strengths & weaknesses (e.g. Grammar-Adverbs, Past Tense etc.)
  • STEP Certificate & score report
Rs. 999
Rs. 499
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STEP Train
(includes STEP Plus)
  • 150 Personalised practice sets (40 hours of practice)
  • Intelligent Adaptive Practice based on your STEP score and specific strengths & weaknesses
  • 7 additional cycle tests with Reading, listening, writing and speaking
  • Comprehensive feedback on writing and speech
  • 1 year validity
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Rs. 2,999
Rs. 1,499
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(includes STEP Train)
  • Proctored certification exam
  • 2 hour RWLS assessment
  • STEP Pro Certification and permanent online verification
  • Equivalent TOEFL and IELTS Scores
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The STEP uses the latest testing techniques and advanced technologies to deliver a practical, engaging and reliable test. Our smart testing methods and analytics provide deep insights to support learning across all language domains.

Read Read
Write Write
Listen Listen
Speak Speak
Real English

The test uses real-life Indian sources - news, videos, movies - not textbooks. This is the English you need.

Fun topics

From Rajini's latest movies to the Olympics, our test will entertain and educate.

Adapts to your level

Our advanced algorithm adapts the test to your abilities. No two people will get the same test.

The Standardized Test of English Proficiency (STEP) is an English language certification exam for Indian students and job-seekers. This test will help students, institutions and employers assess and improve reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

This is an important new venture by The Hindu Group and is a core part of our brand and social mission. We hope to leave a lasting impact on all the lives that we touch with this effort and make a major contribution towards improving employability and the skills of Indian youth.

This version of the test is under development and is being used to validate the underlying methodology and technology. The results presented here are preliminary and not fully calibrated. For more information, including technical support, contact us at or 1800 3000 6063

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