1. What has changed in this new version of STEP?

  • The score report on the Dashboard is now “My STEP”, with improved score report and “Up Next” button.
  • Your score level now shows your results on your latest scored test. Your score will not change based on practice tests or untimed lessons.
  • The course page on the Dashboard is now “My Course”, with simplified navigation so that you can find the lesson you want faster. Each course element has an icon to indicate whether it is an untimed webisode that you can watch and learn as many times you want, an ungraded practice test to help you review, or a scored test that will update your dashboard and show your progress.
  • The “Progress” page is now part of the “My Course” page - quickly find and review your answers for a test by clicking on its tile and choose “Review Answers” in the Instructions page.
  • You no longer have to “Turn Speech On” - the mic test for desktop users is now automatic. When you start a test with Speaking questions, the system will prompt you for a mic if you have not tested your mic already.
  • At the end of a test, you can view your answers or proceed to the next activity directly.
  • You can now download all of your certificates and receipts from the Settings / History page.

2. Can I use my existing account to login?

Yes, you can use your regular username and PIN to login. If you are unable to login, click on the Request OTP link on the login page to get an Email or SMS.

3. Has anything changed in my courses?

You should see exactly the same products you had as before. The only difference is that STEPathon3 has started! If you haven’t yet purchased STEPathon3, sign up now by clicking on “Buy a Course”.

4. How do I get help?

Our customer support details are the same as before. Contact us at info@steptest.in or 1800 3000 6063 (10am to 6pm Weekdays).

5. Now that STEP has upgraded its servers, are there any other changes I can expect?

  • You should hopefully find that STEP is running faster, and using less data on your 2G/3G/4G connections.
  • Our new platform also allows us to add a number of exciting new features in the weeks ahead, including pausing the test timer while videos are playing, automatically cancelling tests if you are unable to attend sufficient questions, and filtering course elements by topic.