Developing a strong foundation in grammar is critical to improving your spoken and written communication skills. STEP Grammar is an online course which focuses on improving your grasp of English grammar. With better communication skills you are equipped to have better conversations, write effortlessly and articulate your thoughts eloquently.

  • A fun and interactive course, STEP Grammar helps you learn fundamentals of grammar, tenses, sentence structure and many other related topics.
  • 40 lessons to learn and practise rules of grammar.
  • Instant feedback for a better learning experience.


Approximately 8-10 hours

The course has been divided into 5 units which take you through different aspects of English grammar from the Basics that include parts of speech to the more advanced rules for Subject Verb agreement, Conditionals etc. As a student, you learn the rules of the language through webisodes followed by adaptive practice sessions.

Anytime, Anywhere

Parts of speech, Subject verb agreement, Sentence structure, Tenses, Conditionals and more.

Ages 16 and above

Comprehensive English courses for grammar typically cost much more. We offer this to you at half the price at ₹799.