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Over 150 Interactive video exercises designed to teach specific skills to the Indian learner

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Personalised programmes just for you; includes automated feedback for Writing and Speaking tasks

English vocabulary Daily Engagement

Engaging content that will keep you coming back and help build a learning habit

English language test STEP Certificate

An official Certificate of your English language proficiency that can be shared with employers

Plus specific skills that will help you

Email writing course
For Work
  • Workplace Conversations
  • Email Communication
  • Presentation Skills
online English speaking
For Exams and
Job seekers
  • Interview and Group discussion
  • Vocabulary and grammar
  • Content from Indian current affairs
learn English online
For Life
  • Day-to-day Interactions
  • Casual Conversations
  • Formal Interaction

What does your STEP Score mean?

english speaking course online free

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Sampler A 21-day intense English programme Speak better English in 40 days Comprehensive Language Learning Programs
STEP Mini STEP Sprints STEPATHON STEP Learn STEP Learn + Coach
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Validity 1 year 23 days 60 days 1 year 1 year
  For STEP Levels
For STEP Levels 4 - 8 4 - 8 3 - 10 3 - 10 3 - 10
  Video Lessons with Exercises on Core Language Skills (RWLS)
Video Lessons with Exercises on Core Language Skills (RWLS) 6 video lessons 21 video lessons 48 video lessons 90 video lessons 90 video lessons
  Practise Sets (RWLS)
Practise Sets (RWLS) 1 set 21 sets 16 sets 18 sets 18 sets
  Personalised for you
Personalised for you - -
  Phone-based mentoring and guidance
Phone-based mentoring and guidance - - - -
Certification - - Certificate and Score Report Certificate and Score Report Certificate and Score Report
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english speaking course online free
Headmistress at School

apostropheI consider STEP as my personal teacher. A person who can analyse my strengths and weaknesses and tailor the content to help improve my language skills. STEP is a complete teacher.apostrophe

free English test
Mechanical Engineer

apostropheStepathon is a continuous process and spending one hour daily improved my English skills. I love the Daily STEP and the interview section in the course.apostrophe

English course online
DR. T.Smiles
Professor & Head

apostropheWith our experience, we observe that The Hindu’s STEP is a reliable and convenient tool to measure English language competency and improve further the required communication skills through its innovative ideas.apostrophe

English course online

apostropheI find the stepathon very useful in my journey of improving my English. Though a M.A in English, I fully realised my shortfalls and inadequacies after attending the various step tests. The programme is very innovative, informative and educative.apostrophe

learn English online
Prabhakar Mangisetty
Tax Consultant

apostropheThis course has enhanced my English language and I am grateful to you for taking a great initiative to create this course. I have enhanced not only my listening and reading skills but also speaking and writing skills.apostrophe