How will STEPATHON help me?

Join STEPATHON so you…

…don’t get stuck for words in an important meeting.

…reduce the fear of making a mistake.

…find the words to assert yourself.

…express your ideas better.

…earn your next promotion.

…gain fluency to speak in English.


STEPATHON is your 40-day personalised learning course. You can improve your English skills, be more confident speaking in English, and have better conversations. You can take lessons every day or do them over the weekend. In 40 days, you’ll be equipped to present your ideas, speak your point of view and even make an impression at your next meeting.

What’s special about a personalised learning course?

It’s a course made exclusively for you. This means you’ll learn words and expressions at your understanding level. You don’t need to be afraid to learn or speak the English language anymore!

How does STEPATHON work?

STEPATHON is all about personalised learning.

  • Step 1: Test your current skills. STEP learns about you and creates your personal learning course. It is important you answer these 30-35 questions to the best of your abilities as your course will be based on this!
  • Step 2: Start learning every week. Each week includes 8 unique activities to help you Speak Better, Listen Better, Improve Grammar, and Build Vocabulary. All these activities are personalised to your strengths and weaknesses and will be taught through a mix of instructional videos and real conversations.
  • Step 3: Take the Grand Test at the end of the course to receive your STEPATHON English certificate to see how much you’ve improved.
Do remember you have a maximum of 60 days between starting the course and finishing the Grand Test.

I’ve understood everything. How do I get started?

STEPATHON is available for purchase. Get your personalised spoken English course. Sign up now!

I’m not interested in STEPATHON. Do you have anything else for me?

There’s a lot more learning from the STEP Universe. We encourage you to explore and find out! If you want to get a feel for how STEP works, sign up for free. Don’t worry, it won’t take you to the payment page! You can even take a free assessment test and get your STEP score. If you prefer to do this on your mobile, download the STEP Android app and enjoy learning.

Is there anything else I should know?

  • STEPATHON is a 40-day course. The course content will be available for 60 days from the date of purchase. We give you an extra 20 days to complete the course. Requests to extend the availability of the course will not be entertained.
  • You cannot retake the grand test. There are no restrictions on the number of times you can view video lessons or redo practice sets.
  • The STEPATHON certificate will be issued only to learners who complete both the Assessment and Grand test.